This website isn’t all that spectacular.

The truth is I’m simply too busy with stuff like clients, customers, products, real work, family, etc. to maintain what was originally going to be a blog. Also for some of the same reasons outlined in this article, I’m simply going to leverage the other platforms that exist for people who wish to contact me, follow me, stalk me (please don’t really do that), read what I have to say (unless you have a better hobby) and so on.

So in that spirit here are some of the places you can see what I’m doing (some I’m very active on and others I need to going on):

  • Twitter (brief, pithy little thoughts and links and, well…you know)
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook (sometimes more verbose thoughts and links and, well…you know)
  • Medium (writing and articles and stuff)
  • NowNowNow (Derrick Sivers new project)

And, last but not least, good old-fashioned email.

All I ask is if you reach out to me on Facebook or LinkedIn, just let me know who you are and why we should be friends or “connections.” I get a lot of requests from people I don’t know, so helping me know why is kinda nice. Thanks.

In addition there are a couple of pages on this site:


Chris Cuilla