My Background

My passion is designing software products that improve people’s lives.

I have about 25 years experience developing software in various roles including programmer, architect, team lead, system analyst, process architect, etc. in various industries including telecommunications, banking, Internet advertising, supply chain management, image processing, etc.

  • Software team leadership
  • Agile development experience including experience as Scrum Product Owner
  • Collaborate well with people throughout the organization
  • Understanding business issues and processes at detailed and strategic levels
  • Ability to analyze information to solve business problems and improve processes
  • Ability to simplify complex designs, processes and implementations with an eye toward continuous improvement
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills
  • Ability to supervise, coordinate and manage development activities, particularly in an agile development setting
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with people in a variety of departments, roles, backgrounds and organizational levels
  • Ability to clearly understand business objectives, issues and processes from both a detailed and strategic perspective
  • Ability to communicate well using written, oral, presentational and inter-personal communication styles
  • Detail-oriented and meticulous with strong organizational skills
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to reduce complex, ambiguous concepts to clear, unambiguous, understandable explanations
  • Ability to assemble, analyze and evaluate information, data and facts related to business issues and processes with the purpose of resolving business problems and improving business processes
  • Trained as a Scrum Product Owner